Memorable Quotes from NYAA

These are a few of the gems we’ve been getting at NYAA lately. I’ll leave the quotes anonymous, though I’m sure that anyone from the school will know who said what. Bear in mind that these are also my recollections of what was actually said, though I think the intent is faithfully reiterated if not literally.

“If you don’t know the underlying structure, you can still make a drawing that your mom will hang on the fridge—but you’ll know you didn’t know what you were doing.”

“Draw half of what you know and half of what you see.”

“At some point it comes down to a work ethic; I mean, it’s easier to be a connoisseur of Paganini than to be Paganini.”

“This is graduate school—you’re not here to learn how to make a pretty painting, you’re here to make Art for the Ages.”

“If the drawing is bad, the painting will be awful.”

“I’ll deny having said this: Correct proportion is more important than accurate color, more important than beautiful brushwork; it is more important than anything else in the execution of a painting.”

“The Italians would have been better served had they followed the path of Leonardo rather than the dead-end of Mannerism that Michelangelo took them on.”

Just wanted to share some of the wisdom of the NYAA faculty with you all. Cheers.

– Jeremy







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