A Few Week 5 Pictures

I happened to have my sketch book at the apartment to do some homework outside of the studio. So I thought I’d get a jump on the pictures for the week. Here are a couple from the figure drawing session. The first one was a 60-minute pose, if I remember correctly. The second one was a 40-minute pose. Harvey Citron came over after I had done the contour drawing and showed me his method of shading the interior forms. It was quite interesting. He basically encircles the groups of muscles with many soft ovoid lines and then blends them with the form on the shadow side. I’d never seen anyone shade that way before—everyone else had suggested making contour lines and just hatching more on the dark side of the figure. Harvey’s method is really quite nice; however, it does require a non-trival understanding of skeletal and muscular anatomy. He didn’t even need to look at the model for reference. I’ll get there in time.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

The one below is a study for a painting that we’ll be doing. It’s very exciting to think that we’ll have the model in the same pose for a number of hours on a number of days. I can’t wait.

Study for Painting

I’ll post more info as time allows—I have an extra class tomorrow so I’m a little concerned about getting all of my homework done this weekend. Cheers.

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