Juliet and Culdesac Photos

Here are some photos (finally!) of the projects I have been working on recently. First is the finished front of Juliet, all blocked and waiting to be seamed:

Juliet Pullover front

And here is part of what I worked on this past weekend, the back of the Culdesac Vest:

Culdesac Vest back

The above photo doesn’t really show up the lovely cables—I blame it on poor lighting—so I have attempted to tweak a close-up for a better view.

Culdesac Vest cable close-up

I also finished the right front and have started the left front of this vest. It is coming together nicely, and since I figured out a silly error (my fault) on the first front yesterday evening, I have been cruising along. Reading over the finishing instructions, I am now confident that I will actually be able to finish this project with the needles I have, and may even be able to wear it this fall, assuming that I can find buttons for it.







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