Knitting Update: Culdesac

The Juliet Pullover is all finished now, and waiting to be seamed and finished. This makes four projects I have waiting for finishing touches, thanks to the lack of needles. I’m hoping I can make do with what I have on a few of them, but wanted to start something new in the meantime besides dishcloths.

So I pulled out my stash of Cascade Key Largo in a lovely dark teal color, and have started making Elsbeth Lavold’s Culdesac Vest from the Fall 2003 Knitter’s.

Culdesac Vest

I am making good progress on the back of the vest, and have passed the armholes already. I think the back will prove significantly easier to knit than the fronts, however, since I will not only have to keep track of the cable patterns and armhole shaping, but also the V-neck shaping and possibly internal waist shaping as well. In any case, it should make a gorgeous vest when it is finished.







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