Survived The First Two Weeks

Well, two weeks are down… I was expecting to be able to relax this weekend, but there was too much to do. I went in to the studio on Saturday for about 4 hours and was in today for about 10. I’m keeping ahead of the homework curve though, so that’s good. Julie made me promise to take some pictures this weekend.

These are the 5 Platonic solids (plus a cylinder) that I needed to construct for my Structural Drawing class. I imagine that I’ll have to draw all of these many, many times before the end of the semester. We have to draw the cube 10 times, the cylinder 10 times and 5 spheres for homework due Friday. But the best part is that we have to attach vine charcoal to the end of an 18″ dowel and draw the shapes holding the end of the dowel. The exercise is supposed to get us used to standing back from the surface and to draw from the shoulder and not from the wrist.

The Five Platonic Solids

For the painting class I needed to draw four still lifes involving simple geometric shapes. Since I had already constructed the Platonic solids, it seemed to make sense just to arrange those. Here are two of the four drawings that I did.

Shapes 01
Shapes 02

We’re going to put four on one canvas (24″ x 36″) and paint each one using a different approach. Should be interesting.

Figure drawing is the class that seems the easist to me, probably because it’s what I’ve done the most. At present we are working on contour lines. These were 40 minute poses.

Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 2

Well, I’d write more, but I have some reading to do. Please forgive me for not writing more. I am literally spending more time in the studio than at home, and 12-hour days at the school seem to be the norm.

– Jeremy

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  1. April

    hey jeremy,

    i dunno how to email you so i’ll just write here. sounds like you are very busy but enjoying yourself – i’m glad to hear it. i am too, but life is not unmanageable yet. we’ve started softball, and i’m just about recovered from a pulled groin a coupla sundays ago. we went hiking last weekend in the pouring rain, but it was pretty fun anyways. we were sposta camp but the weather was too poor.

    football season is going well; that is to say that i’m enjoying it immensely even tho both the packers and the broncos are 1-1 after 2 weeks of regular season. both should be 2-0, but that is another paragraph or so. 🙂

    my favorite class by far is acting for non-majors. i have so much fun! – its like kindergarten every day. i can ramble on and on about this class (my best friend is sick of hearing about it) but suffice it to say it energizes my day, and my life. for my senior sem project i’m thinking of doing some sort of economic/stock market genetic algorithm simulation. i really haven’t done much research on it, but that’s where i think i’m going.

    i’ll leave you to your figures. your blog is very entertaining.

    have a wonderful week,


  2. Loren

    Nice drawings. After looking at the pictures I read that you drew them from 18″ back. Wow.

  3. chicken

    hello all
    nice drawings! i like to draw but i suck at it what are some tips to get me started!

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