What Day Is It?

Today is Wednesday, isn’t it? All of the days are starting to blur together. I stopped at the market quickly before coming home. Just got in a little after 11… I’m pretty beat tonight…

We’ve got a guest lecturer coming tomorrow evening. I think that most of my homework is done for the week, though. I’ve got to go in early tomorrow to mix up my paint and do a few “draw-downs” (paint smears designed to give you a sense of the quality of the paint) before class. After class I’ll have a couple of hours before the lecture. Hopefully that will be enough time to do the last 2 (of 6) vine charcoal drawing of the “cube”— it’s not really a cube, but two pieces of wood representing the sides of it (a cube would be easier). I did the other four tonight. Oh, and I still need to finish putting my icosahedron (20-sided polygon) together. We had to construct the 5 Platonic Solids for my Structural Drawing class. I’ve got it all cut out and scored, so it shouldn’t take to long to glue, tape and gesso it (I hope).

Then the weekend… I can’t recall ever having looked forward to the weekend with so much anticipation before.

Time to make a quick bite to eat and then off to bed.

– Jeremy

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