Knitting Update and Et Cetera

R.I.P. Progressive Gloves (December 20, 2003-September 12, 2004)

This weekend I dug in and finished some gloves for Jeremy that I started way back last winter. They are based on the Progressive Glove recipe in the winter 2004 IK, with asymmetrical gussets, in black superwash wool. They got stalled out because he wanted some fancy pinkie shaping that accounts for the natural shape of the hand (the pinkies are set slightly below the other fingers).

Well, this weekend I pulled them out and tackled the problem, which, though it required some concentration and a lot of time, ended up not being as complicated as I feared. I just put the pinkie stitches on holders a few rows before beginning the other fingers. Hopefully they will fit a little better now, and maybe Jeremy will post a photo for me when he gets them in the mail. But if they don’t fit, honey, you have my permission to toss them and buy yourself a pair instead.

Now I am back to working on Juliet, for which I am about 6 inches into the front piece. This would be the rather boring expanse of knitting between the waist and armholes, livened up only by periodic increases and the diamond purl pattern. It should regain some interest once I reach the arm and neck holes, but then might end up languishing like the Victoria tank, complete except for finishing due to a lack of circular needles. Maybe I can order some for my birthday next month.

Project Gutenberg Update

Progress continues slowly on my Gutenberg texts. I have made it a habit to keep something to work on at home for when I am websurfing or checking email, now that we are back to dial-up and everything is slo-o-ow.

Sir Charles Grandison, Volume 2: 62% complete
The White Peacock: 53% complete



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  1. Tom Frenkel Avatar

    Julie — I hope this reaches you since I can’t find your email address. I am reading
    your Gutenberg _Clarissa_ & first of all want to thank you for this Gargantuan task …
    did you do it all yourself? Secondly, I am curious about the (lack of) italics in
    your “edition” since they seem to be found in printed editions. I emailed Michael Hart
    about this and he doesn’t seem to like italics; furthermore he feels that they don’t
    represent the author’s true intentions (!). I was wondering how you felt about this
    matter. Thanks again for _Clarissa_ which I am now reading every day in the subway,
    on my Palm. Best, -Tom

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