Picture Time

I know that I’ve been promising pictures to everyone—well, the time has finally come…

Here is the front door to the New York Academy of Art. I love that there are sculptures in the front windows. These are plaster casts made from the original sculptures.

New York Academy of Art

Here is the one of Donatello’s St. George that I had mentioned previously. I like to think of him standing watch over the school as the original did over Florence.

Donatello's St. George

Here is a picture of one of the classrooms. (Click to enlarge)
NYAA Classroom

It is almost like having the great masters of old looking on as you work; watching, encouraging and also challenging you. Definitely the best classroom in the school.

Even though today was Saturday, there was a workshop scheduled. We were drawing from the Charles Bargue ‘Course of Design’ book, which was the very work that artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh used a century ago, when they were students. I didn’t get a chance to finish my drawing, but you can see that it is getting close.

Bargue Drawing

The school is impressive, the faculty are incredible and the students are hungry. What a great place to learn.

– Jeremy

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