Welcome to NYAA

First day at the New York Academy of Art today. Which means that orientation was today, as well as the Art History proficiency test. The test was 13 slide identifications of major works and one comparison of two works side by side. I knew the gist of all of the slides but one, so I guess it just depends on how picky they are on the dates and exact titles. Could go either way, I guess.

The building itself is a converted 5-story warehouse. The front entrance is guarded by imposing full-sized casts of classical sculptures (including one of my favorites, Donatello’s St. George). I didn’t bring the digital camera, so no pictures (sorry). Inside they had even more plaster casts of famous works: from the Prima Porta Augustus, to the Dying Gaul, to the sculptures of Lorenzo the Great and his younger brother Juliano from the Medici tomb, as well as the Discobolos. It was fabulous to see all of those works life-size, and to do so without traveling to Europe.

Well, I survived the first day and I’ve purchased enough art supplies to make it through the rest of the week (I hope). Tomorrow the curriculum begins with Figure Drawing. Onward and upward….

– Jeremy



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  1. Nelson Avatar

    Sounds like you’re off to a good start, Jeremy! Glad to hear that you’re safe and everything is going well.

  2. Rita Ford Avatar
    Rita Ford

    I loved the adventure you had today to get to class in NY!! When I heard about the flooding and the subway, I was wondering how you handled that mini crisis. How did your instructor feel about your first tardy? Isn’t NY a grand place? I love all the energy in that place. It will be a fun place for you to live for a short while. I bet now you have a back up plan now. We love you.

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