My New Home

Southern Manhattan at dusk

Okay, so this isn’t really where I’m living exactly; however, it is the view of southern Manhattan that I am able to enjoy from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. There are so many famous landmarks here, it’s hard to choose what to take a picture of. Below is a picture of the top of the Empire State building and just in front of that is the Brooklyn Bridge. I love how they have the building lit up in red, white and blue, though I understand that the colors change with the holidays, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

Empire State Building behind the Brooklyn Bridge

There is so much here, it really is overwhelming. I had the opportunity to get around Manhattan a little bit today. I made it to the Met, but alas, it was just minutes before closing. Even still, I saw David’s ‘Death of Socrates‘, which is a work I’ve always admired, before they forced me out.

It was also my pleasure to meet 15 other incoming NYAA students today. If these 15 were any indication, there looks to be an exceptionally talented and friendly group of artists starting this year. I can’t wait—less than 12 hours until orientation. Guess I should get some last minute studying done for the Art History test we are to take (that’s right, a test on the first day… and I heard it’s an essay too) . I’ll post more about the school in the coming days.

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