Knitting Update: A Tale of Two Sleeves

Juliet Pullover

Since I had a lot of time to myself this weekend, I was able to finish not only the cap shaping on the first sleeve of my Juliet pullover, but the entire second sleeve as well. I would have taken a picture, but my digital camera is having battery issues (our charger no longer charges, and I couldn’t find any normal batteries with juice in them), so you’ll just have to imagine them. They’re nicely matched long sleeves, with a slight bell on the forearms, and an eyelet row as for the bodice, just above the elbow. If I can get my hands on some batteries, I’ll post a picture, but for all I know it might be after they have been seamed into the body for the finished product.

Jeremy in Brooklyn

For those of you who are wondering, Jeremy did safely arrive in New York City without any hitches on Saturday afternoon. He should be posting about his arrival and first impressions before too long, but has been quite busy getting settled in.







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