Book Review: Stardust

Stardust was my second Neil Gaiman book, and I enjoyed it. It was a little fairy tale in the grand tradition, full of magic and mystery, a touch of darkness, and Gaiman’s characteristic wry humor. It is about a young man named Tristran who lives in the hamlet of Wall, just on the “safe” side of the border to Faerie. He makes a vow to go find a fallen star to gain a woman’s love, and in the process finds more than he bargained for.

This was a short book, and would have been an extremely quick read if I had had a few hours together in which to read it. While I enjoyed it, I did find it a bit simplistic. I would more readily recommend Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment as a modern take on a fairy tale, or even Michael Ende’s Neverending Story; both of these books deal with the same theme of unwitting hero crossing over into magical lands, but in a more rich and compelling manner. I found myself thinking of the latter particularly–where Gaiman’s book seemed to skim over a lot of possible adventures in the hero’s journey without interest, The Neverending Story tantalizes your imagination with them.

At any rate, Stardust was still a fun little book, and not much of a time commitment. I would recommend it to young adults, but there are a few instances of inappropriate conduct that should be taken into account by parents. They certainly didn’t add to the story, and I am a bit bewildered why Gaiman saw fit to include them at all.

Project Gutenberg Update

I’m still making slow progress on my PG books. My time has been largely taken up recently with Opening Days at Willamette, not to mention preparations for Jeremy’s departure.

Sir Charles Grandison, Vol. 2: 47% complete
The White Peacock: 45% complete



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