FOW: Treats and Toys

(I apologize for the delay in the final Ferret of the Week post; I was at Portland State University all day Friday for a book repair workshop.)

Ajax in the mathom

I think by this time we have about run the gamut of ferret opinions on treats and toys. Ajax loves treats, though like Niki, he has never been given many things like raisins. He enjoys ferret treats and human food as well: he likes licking empty ice cream bowls and yogurt cups, and getting pieces of fruit and chicken. Like the others, he gets a kick out of drinking from our glasses even if (or perhaps, because) it means knocking them over, but his favorite beverage to steal is iced tea.

Jax in a paper bag

Ajax will play with anything—paper bags, plastic bags, pillows, towels, tunnels he can’t actually fit in, old socks, new socks, socks with feet in them, squeaky stuffed socks rabbits, other ferrets—as long as it doesn’t give too much of a chase. He is such a big boy that he tires rather quickly (for a ferret) and pancakes out on the floor for a breather if he has to run or war-dance for more than a few minutes at a time. The other type of toy he likes a lot are large hard balls: he has several favorites, including a small grey plastic “boulder,” a sturdy ping-pong ball with a weight inside, and a Chinese meditation ball. He pushes them around with his nose, then picks them up with his paws and rolls over on his back, trying to get a good grip with his teeth, an amusing impossibility.

Ajax playing with a sock toy

Well, this post concludes our Ferret of the Week series, as we have run out of new ferrets to introduce. Our ferrets bring us a great deal of joy, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories and photos. Now I just have to come up with something else to write about…






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  1. david carroll Avatar
    david carroll

    Hey, I love your ferret tales. Great sense of humor and wit [from ‘wid’ – wisdom]..just thought I’d throw that in. It’s refreshing to see someone who is comfortable with life. Keep it up, please!

  2. Amanda Avatar

    Hey there! Your pictures and stories were awesome! I’m thinking of getting ferrets myself. I’ve done some reading and I’ve decided my next step is to volunteer with a ferret rescue society or breeder to get some handling experience and decide if a ferret is the right pet for me. Do you know of any in the Kingston Ontario area? Thanks!

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