Farewell to the Jetta

Less than two weeks remain before I make the move to ‘the city’. Perhaps the most traumatic event on that path occured this past weekend—Julie and I sold our Jetta.

2000 VW Jetta

For the last four years the Jetta has been there for us and it was sort of surprising to find how attached we had become to it. It was our first new car, as well as the first car that we bought completely on our own. We have been through a lot with that car…

January Ice Storm 2004

Farewell, Jetta… we’ll miss you.

Now to see if I can survive two years without a car?








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  1. Dan Sparks Avatar
    Dan Sparks

    Hope you got a good price for the Jetta. I know you will miss it but you sure won’t want it in New York.


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