FOW: Ajax with People

Our favorite shot of Ajax and Leah

Ajax has a very sweet personality, and for the most part, is very patient with being held. I cart him around cradled like a baby (as in Tuesday’s photo) because he is so large, and he rarely struggles. He doesn’t seem to like being held by Jeremy quite so well, which I think is because Jax knows Jeremy is bigger and stronger than him. But that just means he tends to wiggle and whine when Jeremy holds him for more than a few seconds.

Baby Ajax meeting Leah

We also discovered that Jaxie is a good ferret ambassador with children. Despite his huge size, he is instinctively gentle with kids, and doesn’t wiggle the way Loki and Rocky do. He has been good friends with our niece, Leah, ever since he was a kit, as shown in the photo above. Every time she sees him, Leah happily carries Ajax all around the house, and walks him all over the backyard on his leash. She gives him SO much love and attention that she tuckers him out—quite an impressive feat when you consider the nearly boundless energy of a young ferret.

Ajax all tuckered out from Leah's love

But it makes for some good photo opportunities.






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  1. Agata Avatar

    Wow, your ferret is huge! I have a ferret and she’s about half that size.

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