Shell Pics and Olympic Knitting

Brilla Shell, finished

I promised photos, so here is the completed Brilla shell, modeled by yours truly. Not too much more to say about this one. I do still need to re-press the neck to try and get more of the curl out, so try to ignore that.

Olympic Knitting

Juliet Pullover, Summer 2004 IK

I started working on a new sweater this weekend, while watching the start of the Olympics: the Juliet Pullover from this year’s summer Interweave Knits (pictured above). As planned, I am using the Filatura di Crosa Mirto yarn that I purchased from in June. It is lightweight cotton/viscose/linen yarn in a silvery sage color that Jeremy approved of, and though it is a bit stiff as I knit it up, with lineny fibers sticking out here and there, I think it will soften up nicely with washing.

Juliet Pullover back started

To get gauge, or close to it, I had to use #2 needles, so it won’t be the quickest knit, but I should still make some good progress thanks to the Olympics. I’m making the next-to-smallest size, and have decided to forego the beading, which would make the sweater too fancy for my use. Instead, I am doing purl stitches where the beads would have gone, to break up the monotony of stockinette and add a bit of textural interest to match the edging. I am quite pleased with the overall effect thus far, and the pattern is progressing without any hitches; I have just started the waist shaping increases.







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