FOW: Niki’s Quirks

As you might imagine from her cheeky personality, Niki is a ferret who knows what she likes. She loves our jingly crochet-covered Easter eggs and the squeaky sock rabbit, all of which belong behind the TV. She war-dances with the best of them, and loves to bite socks and dig in shoes when she isn’t antagonizing her sisters. She thinks our X-Men and Young Frankenstein DVDs belong on the floor instead of on the shelf. She also likes some more unusual toys.

Niki eating the Nutcracker Prince

Niki also has a good appetite. Like Pandora, she is very willing to eat human food, though mostly she sticks with boiled chicken. Rather surprisingly, she dislikes the sweet things like yogurt and ice cream that all our other ferrets hurl themselves at. By the time we got Niki, we had scaled way back on giving the ferrets “naughty” treats like raisins and Cheerios, but she definitely still likes them along with ferret-specific treats and chicken gravy.

Niki licking Rok's tummy

(This photo shows one of the rare instances where Niki gets along with Rocky, thanks to the miracle of Ferretone.)






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