FOW: Meet Nikita

Meet Nikita

Niki facing the camera

La Ferret Nikita (a.k.a. Little Niki, Knick-knack, Bratnik, Teeny Weeny Meanie) is a 2.5-year old standard sable sprite. She retained her soft, fuzzy kit fur—which doesn’t have the strong darker guard hairs—for over a year, but when she finally grew up, her coat came in really silky and long. (The top photo shows Niki with her baby fur, most visible on her back; the bottom photo shows her with siamese point coloring, after her adult coat came in.)

Next to Rocky, she is our darkest ferret. Because we purchased her from a breeder, she wasn’t spayed until she was about a year old, and had her full chance to grow.

Niki profile with siamese coloring

In case you were wondering, Niki was named after the Luc Besson movie La Femme Nikita, about a female assassin. Of all our ferrets, we think she was the most aptly named.






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  1. Ruby Avatar

    I came across your site quite a long time ago by typing “ferrets” into my search bar. I already knew a great deal about ferrets, yet my daughter Jasmine was doing a project on ferrets for school, and obviously we were going to use our PC as a resource for information that we weren’t already aware of.
    I finally decided to write a comment because I was just thinking what a small world it really is. This is because of your ferret Nikita. We too have a female ferret named Nikita (a sable), now four years old, and she was named after that famous female assassin that Luc Besson (Director/Writer/Producer) brought to life. Of course, when “the powers that be” decided to create a television series named after the film “La Femme Nikita” with the actress Peta Wilson in the role of Nikita, it quickly became one of my favorite television series. So far, I own all of the seasons that are out on DVD, which are seasons 1,2 & 3. Just like you, I thought the name fit perfectly for our new family pet!
    I created my own “space” on “Windows Live Spaces” and I have been trying to add as much to it as possible (things can get very busy around here). I’ll be adding many more pictures of Nikita, so I hope you’ll take a look. If you’d like, please drop a line on my site!
    Your’s truly,
    Ruby (Ferret lover)

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