Project Gutenberg Update: Sir Charles Grandison

After a bit of a delay due to excessive vacationing in June, I have finished off a new text for Project Gutenberg. I started work on The History of Sir Charles Grandison shortly after The White Devil, but being another wordy epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson (published in the wake of his masterpiece Clarissa) this volume took considerably longer to type out than Webster’s short revenge tragedy.

Notice my use of the word volume. Although Sir Charles Grandison weighs in behind the massive Clarissa at a slender seven volumes (about 2,400 pages), it is still going to take at least as many months to complete. This will especially be true since I am considering working on other books in between volumes to break up the excessive 18th-century politeness and decorum.

A review of the first volume of Sir Charles Grandison is forthcoming, as is a link to the PG version of the book, when I get it.







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