FOW: Rocky in Toyland

Rocky playing on the window sill

Rocky is not very picky when it comes to toys, but he does have a few favorites. Among normal ferret toys, he loves a hard treat ball—even though we no longer put treats in it—and pushes it up and down inside the cage. He also likes to play with the old sock toy and knitted hemp jingle ball I made him, batting them like mad behind my roll-top desk.

Rocky with Jeremy's belt

Rocky’s favorite items, though, are often not toys at all. He likes anything made of soft plastic, rubber, leather, or cardboard. He used to try to steal Jeremy’s leather belt off his waist every day. He attempts to stash large cardboard boxes in very small spaces, ripping them to bits first if necessary. He makes off with Jeremy’s video game controllers, and sometimes pulls on power cords as well. Combined with his propensity for clumsiness and his ability to get on top of things we thought he couldn’t reach (like my desk, TV tables and bookshelves, etc.), we have to keep a close eye on Rocky to keep him safe and out of trouble.

Rocky with Jeremy's game remote






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