FOW: Troublemaker

Loki looking out the window

The other side of Loki’s personality is her propensity for trouble. We named her after the Norse god of mischief, and she does live up to it, though more so when she was a kit. She wakes up instantly whenever we are near the cage, and has a lot of energy, so it’s not surprising how vigorously she makes trouble.

Loki stealing my knitting

She loves stealing socks, slippers, shoes, dice and other small trinkets. She particularly likes to make off with my knitting, which she is very sneaky about grabbing as soon as I leave, and sometimes even when I am sitting right there next to it. She can open zippers, and get into backpacks and purses to steal additional trinkets. She is also notorious for tipping over drink glasses on the sofa. But she’s so cute and funny, we can’t stay mad at her for long.

Loki after a bath

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