FOW: Wiggle and Kibble

Julie holding Loki

Loki is also a wiggly little thing. Where Pandora puts up tolerably well with being held, and gives ferret kisses like a champ, Loki can hardly even stand being held for a few seconds. A few years ago she wiggled out of my husband’s hands while he was holding her in the bathroom, and she fell against the tub and broke the tip off one of her canine teeth. We were able to get it capped, but now she has an uneven bite; hence the nickname, Snaggletooth.

While we’re on the subject of teeth, I had to include this photo of Loki the first day we brought her home. I mentioned earlier that she has a good appetite. Well, we had dinner after we brought her home from the pet store, and she pounced on my plate, grabbed hold of my tuna fish sandwich, and wouldn’t let go. Now she is better about not stealing people food, but she still really likes her kibble.

Loki begging for treats

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  1. Max Brandt

    That pic of Loki stealing your dinner is very funny! Perfect name, isn’t Loki a trickster among many other things? I found that pic totally by chance, it was in with other pics of sea food and Tuna Wiggle recipes, so kindly pardon the intrusion!

    Be well.

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