FOW: Loki ’s Personality

Loki playing with Ajax

Loki has a very sweet personality. She is our omega ferret, which means it is her “job” to let all the other ferrets beat up on her. In fact, her preferred style of wrestling is to flip over on her back, and swat with her paws, almost completely ineffectively. In the photo above, she is playing with Ajax, who’s probably about to scruff her and wrestle the tar out of her, so to speak. 🙂

As a result, Loki greatly prefers playing with people to wrestling with the other ferrets, and she is extremely gentle with us. When she gets excited, she comes bouncing over to one of us, and pounces on our feet to let us know she wants to play. She almost never uses her teeth on our skin, and she loves having her tummy tickled.

Loki attacking Jeremy's foot

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