Ferret of the Week: Loki

Loki profile

Loki was our second ferret, bought from a pet store 3 months after we got Pandora. She was irresistible–teeny tiny and silver gray, with a white heart-shaped face and no mask. She was extremely squirmy and active right off the bat, the polar opposite of cautious Panda, and had a voracious appetite. Pandora hated her, and would hiss loudly and leave every time little Loki tried to come near her and play. Pandora had just gotten an ear infection not long before we bought Loki, and I swear she blamed Loki for all of her discomfort and medication.

Teeny tiny Loki

That didn’t bother Loki a whit, though–she kept being her happy-go-lucky self, exploring everything, playing with her toys and us, and stealing food off our plates every chance she got.

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