Gallery Update

Finally took pictures of three drawings I finished this weekend. They are now up in the gallery. I really need to do some painting, not sure when I'll be able…

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FOW: Treat Time

Pandora loves to eat human food, especially cooked chicken, but she isn’t fussy, and will take whatever she can get her mouth on. She also loves Nutrical (a high-calorie paste…

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FOW: Rocky in Toyland

Rocky is not very picky when it comes to toys, but he does have a few favorites. Among normal ferret toys, he loves a hard treat ball---even though we no…

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FOW: Ambassador Ragnarok

Rocky is our ambassador ferret, because he is so sweet and gentle with everyone, and is not nearly as wiggly as Loki. His only greeting requirement is to climb up…

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FOW: Meet Ragnarok

Ragnarok (a.k.a. Rocky, The Rok, Rocketman, Rock Star, Busted) is a 4-year old black sable ferret, which just means that his fur is very dark brown. When he was a…

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