A Quick Update Between Trips

I just got back from Steamboat Springs, Colorado last night. It was a very nice trip, though rather tiring because my knee is still recovering from that hellish spider bite. I took some photos, and will post some of those and the ones from my Ohio trip, along with some descriptions of what we did… after we come back from Alaska. That’s right—we are going on a sudden trip to Wasilla, Alaska to visit Jeremy’s brother and family, leaving at some ungodly hour tonight, and coming back just after the holiday. So be prepared for a photo barrage of all those trips next week.

Knitting Update

I am close to being finished with the Victoria Tank. Actually, all the body knitting is done, and now I am just waiting for the chance to get a 16″ #2 circ to do the finishing around the neck and armholes. In the meantime, I started the lacy shell with my red Brilla to take with me to Colorado. I’m two pattern repeats in at this point, and concerned that I need to go down a needle size, because the measurements are coming out larger than I was expecting from my swatch. It is hard to measure accurately pre-blocking, because of the way the lace twists and pulls the fabric, but I will not be worrying too much about that until next week.

Reading Update

Obviously, I have not been able to finish working on The White Devil yet, and that won’t happen now until I get back. On the Colorado trip, I started reading another Elizabeth George mystery, In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner. I’ve read several, and they are good vacation reading–quick reads, and most have been really good mysteries. My only gripe is that I don’t really care for most of the characters. The only even likable character is Barbara Havers, but she never seems to be able to catch a break, and has serious self-esteem problems.



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