FOW: Toys!

All the ferrets have their own individual tastes and interests when it comes to toys. Pandora prefers stufties. Her favorite toys are usually ones she can sink her long lovely teeth into: stuffed animals, stuffed balls with jingle bells inside, sock toys, and—my slippers. She has been obsessed with my slippers ever since she first saw them, and does not seem to have a preference as to style or brand. The first pair she smuggled off into her cage, chewed part of the soles off, and nearly gave herself a blockage. After that scare, we’ve been extra careful of her toys, and the slippers stay on my feet or otherwise out of her reach at all times. Not that Pandora considers my wearing the slippers a deterrent–she attempts to steal them off my feet every single time she is out and about.

Sock-snake Panda

Other than rearranging toys, Pandora’s favorite activities include stealing socks and eating the elastic out of clothes. This means she is constantly trying to make off with exercise clothes and pairs of underwear when we fold laundry. She loved digging in the rice box (it was made for the ferrets, but abandoned when some of them decided it could also double as a litter box— harrumph!). She loves crinkly paper and plastic bags, and boxes filled with tissue paper. She is excellent at begging for ferret treats—her favorites are raisins and cooked chicken, but she would eat practically anything. And finally, she loves to explore, and has a wonderful time when we take her outside with a leash and harness. So much to see and sniff!

Excitement in the sack






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