Knitting and Stash Enhancement Update

On and off for the past month, I’ve been working on the Victoria Tank from this spring’s Interweave Knits, partly because I already happened to have enough of the yarn called for on hand. I was working rather slowly because I didn’t want to reach the armhole shaping before my family reunion trip to Ohio, but then on the trip I ended up not even knitting an entire round.

tank in progress

Since I got back, I have been trying to finish this tank so that I can take it to my second family reunion this month, in Colorado. Not sure if that is going to happen, but I just finished the shaping on the back of the tank. I am quite happy with how it is turning out. The lace pattern is really easy to memorize; and the only kinda complicated part of this pattern so far is keeping track of all the shaping at the armholes and neck edges. That’s halfway done, and then there is only the neat edging around the neck and straps.

Stash Enhancement

Since at the moment we are starting to make preparations for Jeremy’s move to New York for school, one of the first things that came to my mind was planning out my knitting projects while he is away. I have to do something to keep myself occupied, right? So last week I ordered enough for a few more projects from Elann. Here’s the rundown:

Mirto, Morea, Brilla

Filatura di Crosa Mirto, silver sage (cotton/ viscose/ linen):
This is to make the Juliet pullover from the Summer 2004 IK. That pattern uses a cotton/viscose blend of comparable weight, so I hope this will be a good substitute. I plan to leave off the beads, though, because that makes it too fancy for my tastes and lifestyle.

Schoeller Stahl Morea, vintage orchid (merino/ microfiber):
I have been wanting to make the Pinup Pullover from the Spring 2003 IK ever since that issue came out, but I have had a hard time finding the right weight yarn that has some spring yet doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I am crossing my fingers that the combination of merino wool and microfiber will make the yarn soft enough to wear next to my skin without dying of the itchies.

Filatura di Crosa Brilla, ruby (cotton/ rayon):
This will go for the lacy turtleneck shell from the Spring/Summer 2004 Vogue Knitting. The bright color is quite a stretch from my usual neutrals, but I am going to try to be brave (and probably wear it under a jacket or cardigan anyway).

With those three projects lined up, plus the ones I already have yarn for, I should have enough knitting to keep me busy until this time next year, right? (But don’t hold me to it.)







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