Sunday at the Park

Julie and I were fortunate enough to get some tickets to see a Salem-Keizer Volcanoes baseball game this Father's Day. Apparently baseball is no longer considered The American Pastime---but I'd…

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I've decided to put off the next Ferret of the Week until next week because I will be out of town for my second family reunion later this week, and…

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FOW: Waterworks

As I noted earlier in the week, Pandora is high-strung, and dislikes going anywhere unfamiliar or unpleasant. This means anywhere outside the family room where the ferrets have their play-time,…

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FOW: Toys!

All the ferrets have their own individual tastes and interests when it comes to toys. Pandora prefers stufties. Her favorite toys are usually ones she can sink her long lovely…

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FOW: Pandora’s Personality

Pandora has a rather dominant personality. For over three years, she was our alpha ferret and queen of the cage. (That all changed when Ajax came along, but that’s a…

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FOW: Meet Pandora

Pandora (a.k.a. Panda Bear, Princess Panda, Pandamonium, Lady Fang) is a 5-year old spayed female, also known as a sprite in ferret lingo. When we got her, she was a…

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