Jeremy is a classically trained artist. Julie is a nutrition therapist.

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Theo – Update

I’m having a hard time taking good pictures of this painting in my little studio. I’ll have to figure something out as I’m intending to start doing more larger format paintings going forward. That said I did want to post an update on what I’ve been working on, you’ll just have to forgive me for the glare, keystoning errors and tint issues with this photo.

Theo (in progress)

Theo (in progress)

I’ll repost with a better image if I get a chance.

That said, I’m pretty happy with the progress. I worked on it Sunday and it reached that tipping point where things just started to come to life for me. I’m anxious to keep the process moving forward now and bring the rest of it up to that level now. I’ve got other panels vying for attention as well but I might focus on this one a bit and see if I can’t get it close this weekend. Will probably need at least a couple of weekends to finish it properly though.

Portrait of Linda

Here’s the finished portrait of Linda.

Portrait of Linda

Portrait of Linda

Portrait of Linda
Oil on Panel – 12″ x 16″
© 2014 Jeremy C. Sparks

Linda – Almost Done

Everything is pretty much resolved at this point. I just want to pump up the chroma in the sweater a little bit before I call it finished. That said, I’m a little concerned that the purple in the sweater is going to make the skin tones a bit over-yellow, so I may have to neutralize some of those tones a bit once I see how it all comes together.

Portrait of Linda (in progress)

Portrait of Linda (in progress)

I’ve heard it said that it takes three people to finish a painting – the artist and two people to pull him off before he overworks it. I’m trying to keep that in the back of my mind but each time I get a small portion really nailed it has this odd effect where I catch my breath for a moment and then realize there’s another spot, crying out for attention, that isn’t up to the same level.

Day at the Zoo

We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this weekend. The kids had a lot of fun and the animals were quite active despite the warmer weather.

Here’s some of the better images from the day – I’ll try to update later on with some more text commentary but Julie wanted me to get the images up ASAP.